Takesumi Iyashi Powder Pouch 10g
Takesumi Iyashi Powder Pouch 10g

Takesumi Iyashi Powder Pouch 10g

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Activated charcoal is used in hospitals as a treatment for food poisoning. It also reduces intestinal gases, lower cholesterol levels and can even prevent hangover!

Once ingested, powder will clean your digestive system. It will trap all the substances and prevent their absorption by your organism.


Takesumi Iyashi Powder is activated bamboo charcoal powder. Bamboo charcoal is known to have a great porosity, which makes it at least 10 times stronger than any other charcoal. Wether you use it for prevention or in case of food poisoning, Takesumi Iyashi Powder will give the best results.

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